Fitness Classes

We offer a variety of classes at different times.

Please check the schedule for class times.


From: $7 / class

Cardio Drumming

From: $7 / class

Spin Class

From: $7 / class

Bootcamps will consist of various fitness techniques and applications to create a , challenging, effective, and fun way to improve overall body conditioning and strength.

Want an exciting change to your normal workout routine? Well cardio drumming is a great way to break up the norm and still receive  a fantastic workout. Set to music and rhythmic patterns you quickly forget how hard you are working out due to all the fun.

Indoor cycling classes with experienced and engaging instructors. Whether you always wanted to try a spin class or are an experienced spin veteran, you will tone your muscles and improve conditioning.

We highly recommend contacting us to reserve a bike as space is limited and classes can fill up fast.


From: $7 / Class


From: $7 / class

Cardio Kickboxing

From: $7 / class

One of the best workouts you may have never tried…TRX allows you to strength train using your own body weight. Through a variety of exercises, this suspension training will drive new fitness results.

Whether you are a dancer or dancer at heart Zumba may be the fitness class for you.  The perfect combination of fun and fitness, Zumba allows you to dance and let loose to music while burning calories.

Cardio Kickboxing classes give you a full body workout and improve your flexibility, coordination, and balance. Cardio kickboxing is a truly aerobic workout – we keep you bobbing, weaving, and jumping amidst the punches and kicks, so that your heart rate stays elevated for most of the session.

Butts 'N Guts

From: $7 / class


From: $7 / class

Circuit Training

From: $7 / class

Butts & Guts is a special focus class just for your lower body! Sculpt, shape, and strengthen your abdominal, buttock, and thigh muscle groups in this targeted, high-impact workout. This class will strengthen and tone all your core muscles, working on the back, butt and thighs in particular.

Flow through your Yoga Class while working on poses. This class accommodates a wide range of experience levels from beginner to expert.

Circuit Training class will train you for 1 hr with various circuits including cardio, weight and resistance training. Each day and week will be a different workout dedicated to a certain body part.

Dress To Sweat Dance Fitness

From: $7 / class

Get fit with the latest dance moves in a hi-energy class. We’ll get your body moving to exciting dance combinations, while getting a great workout!