Get fit, get healthy! CNC is hosting our very first fitness challenge starting April 10th. Our challenge will be open to everyone no matter what your goals or fitness level.

The entry fee for the challenge will be $75.  Each entrant will receive a Commit 2 Be Fit T-Shirt, we will have a few special workouts just for those signed up for the challenge, and before and after photos.

Sign Ups Begin March 27th  – April 8th

Challenge Begins April 10th and Ends June 25th.

What do I win?


The winner of the challenge will recieve Bite Meals for a month! (1 meal per day for 1 month, ARV $240). Work Hard, Eat Right! Bite Meals is a fresh, never frozen, meal prep service that delivers right to your door in all 50 states. For more information visit You will also get a 1 month UNLIMITED membership to CNC.  That means you have one full month of unlimited classes, and a $50 Vitamin Shoppe Gift Card!

How does it work?

The CNC Commit 2 Be Fit Challenge will consist of 5 different areas to make up your overall score.

60% – Body Fat Percentage
20% – Referrals to CNC
10% – Class Attendance
5% – Social Media #cncstrong
5% – End Goal Results

Your body fat percentage must be taken from your Bod Pod (see below) results and will result in 60% of your challenge results. During the challenge, any referrals you make to CNC will account for 20%, your personal class attendance during the challenge will count for 10%, checking in via facebook, or sharing photos on social media and using the #CNCStrong hashtag for any social media shares will count towards 5%. We also want you to set a goal for yourself, this is subjective to everyone, but will count for 5% of your overall score according to how close you get to your end goal.

We would also like to do before and after photos of all the entrants into the challenge.  Sign ups will start March 27th and you can sign up at CNC Lifestyle Management in person until April 8th.

In order to keep this accurate and everyone on the same page, we are requiring that you get your measurements done at The University of Toledo College of Health and Human Services with their Bod Pod Machine which is an additional $20. This will be required at the beginning and end of the challenge.

You can contact Andrew Misko via email or phone 419-530-2752 to book your appointment. The sooner you get an appointment the better.

What is a Bod Pod? You can find out more about it here –

The winner of the CNC Commit To Be Fit Challenge will be announced July 3rd.

Visit CNC Lifestyle Management 3350 W. Laskey Rd. Toledo OH to sign up, or please contact us via phone (419) 455-4744 or email at with any questions.

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